At the Time of Death

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What you should do if death occurs at:

A Care Facility
When death occurs at a hospital, nursing home, or other care facility, the medical staff should take care of the necessary steps. You should notify the medical staff that Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel is the funeral chapel of your choice so they can handle necessary release papers. (This notification is typically done when a person is admitted to the care facility.)

Death at Home
Call Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel first. Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel will make all necessary arrangements after they are notified.

Away from home or out of state
Always call Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel first at 712-623-2525 or 1-800-653-4881. Arrangements will be handled with a local funeral home to properly prepare your loved one to return to Red Oak. Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel has relations with national funeral service associations who can often help you save money by having them make arrangements when you are away from home. If you travel it is a good idea to keep a card with you regarding funeral instruction. Notify us for your card.

Call Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel

712-623-2525 or 1-800-653-4881 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Planning the funeral of a loved one can be a difficult experience. Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel encourages you to plan the service with the support of other close relatives or friends.

Our staff will help you create a meaningful and appropriate ceremony. We will discuss your options and guide you through the arrangement process. Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel believes every funeral should be designed to celebrate the uniqueness of one's life. Families are encouraged to create the funeral to reflect the individual's personality. This could be done through the musical selections, a tribute given by a close friend or family member, photographs displayed at visitation, or an array of mementos that reflect a favorite past time or hobby.

Nelson-Boylan-LeRette Funeral Chapel is committed to helping your family create the service that is meaningful to you.

Items the funeral director may need when making arrangements:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Picture for newspaper and hairdresser
  • Background information
    • Date and Place of Birth
    • Parent's names including your mother's maiden name
    • Occupation
    • Education
    • Social Security Number
    • Veteran information
    • Religious Affiliation
    • Organization Affiliations
  • Insurance papers
  • List of pallbearers
  • Music, organist, vocalist
  • Floral Committee
  • Ushers
  • Guest book attendant
  • Information on burial space
  • Memorial contribution suggestions



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